Warframe: How To Unlock The Helminth System (2024)

Customization is a core part of what makesWarframeso enjoyable.Hundreds of Mods, cosmetic options, and a near-infinite amount of builds keep players coming back time and time again.

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With the Heart of Deimos update, this level of customization has been amplified further by allowing players to apply certain Warframe powers onto any Warframe in the game. Players can use Warcry on melee Warframes, Roar to gain a large damage increase, or use Condemn to gain Shields while chaining targets. In order to use these abilities, however, players will need to obtain the Helminth Segment in the Cambion Drift on Deimos. Here is a complete guide on how to unlock the Helminth system inWarframe.

8 Complete The Earth To Mars Junction

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Before players can reach Deimos, they will first need to reach Mars. Unlocking the Earth to Mars Junction is critical to starting "The Heart of Deimos" questline.

Unlocking this Junction requires players to kill 150 Frontier Grineer on Earth, complete the "Once Awake" quest, collect 500 Rubedo, and complete Suisei on Mercury. Reaching Mercury will require players to finish the Venus and Mercury Junctions, so expect this to take a few days.

7 Start The Heart Of Deimos Quest

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Upon reaching Mars, players will be able to start "The Heart of Deimos" questline. To start this quest, head to the Codex on the Orbiter directly across from the marketplace.

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From here, browse the menu until "The Heart of Deimos" is present. Start the quest for the open world to appear.

6 Reach The Cambion Drift On Deimos

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Of course, players will need to reach Deimos first before entering the Cambion Drift. There aren't any Junctions locking off Deimos from Mars, but players will need to carve a way to Kadesh on Mars first. Completing this node will allow players to enter Deimos.

Once at Deimos, complete Horend and Phlegyas nodes to unlock the Cambion Drift. The firstmission is a Captureand the second is an Exterminate, so be sure to bring Warframes that can deal good damage against Infested while moving quickly. Viral and Heat damage works best here. Keep in mind that the tileset on Deimos is the Orokin Derelict tileset, so the use of Prime Warframes can grant extra Energy when players pass death orbs.

5 Complete The Heart Of Deimos Quest

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Players will have to complete a short quest once they reach the Cambion Drift before they can begin grinding reputation for the Entrati, the main Syndicate of Deimos.

This quest should take most players around an hour to complete. It introduces players to the Cambion Drift, various bounty objectives, fishing, and Necramechs. As long as players havedecent gear and Viral damage ontheir weapons, this quest should be rather easy to complete.

4 Obtain Standing With Entrati

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Unlike other Syndicates, the Entrati don't grant Standing in a traditional sense. Instead, all activities on the Cambion Drift grant family tokens that can be redeemed for Standing instead.

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Keeping activities varied is the best way to farm tokens without burning out. Fishing and mining are great ways of obtaining Standing as with the other two open worlds, but players might want to consider bounty farming as well. There is an endless bounty that is easy to complete and grants a solid chunk of tokens for every wave completion. Players can alsofarm the hardest bountyfor a massive chunk of Mother Tokens, provided they have good gear and an Archwing for traversing the landscape. Doing these bounties in a squad makes them much easier.

3 ReachAssociate Rank With Entrati

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Before players can harvest Warframes for new powers, they will need to gain the trust of the Entrati. Players will need to reach rank three named Associate to obtain the Helminth Segment Blueprint.

Reaching rank 3 with the Entrati will require a total of:

  • 71,000 Standing
  • 3 Spinal Core Sections
  • 10 Father Tokens
  • 10 Daughter Tokens
  • 1 Keratinos Gauntlet Blueprint
  • 1 Keratinos Blades Blueprint
  • 5 Common Avichaea Tag
  • 1 Medjay Predasite Tag
  • 20 Mother Tokens
  • 10 Son Tokens

The Helminth Segment itself can be purchased from Son for 15,000 Standing. Finally, players will need to Mastery Rank 8 before Helminth will allow players to alter their Warframes.

2 Craft And Install Segment Into Helminth Room

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Once the Helminth Segment Blueprint is acquired, players will need to craft it. This will take a while to finish, 24 hours to be exact. As for crafting the segment, players will need the following:

  • 50,000 Credits
  • 5 Purple Velocipod Tags
  • 20 Adramal Alloy
  • 5 Saturated Muscle Mass
  • 15 Ganglion

After waiting for the craft to finish, claim it and visit the Helminth room to install the segment and begin augmentingWarframe ability kits. Note that the Helminth must be fed a wide range of materials before it can subsume Warframes and inject other Warframes with either subsumed or Helminth powers.

1 How To Rank Up Helminth

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Helminth is similar tothe Focus systemin that it has unlocks attached to earning experience with it. While Focus is obtained by earning experience for max rank gear, Helminth is upgraded through resources and interacting with Warframes.

Experience is earned from feeding Helminth materials, subsuming Warframes, and injecting abilities into Warframes. Feeding Helminth is the fastest way of upgrading it for most veteran players with millions of resources, but newer Mastery Rank 8 players can also receive hefty chunks of experience by subsuming Warframes and injecting said abilities into other Warframes. Subsuming a Warframe grants 160,000 experience while injecting an ability grants 80,000.

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Warframe: How To Unlock The Helminth System (2024)


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