Stubborn Defiance Vs Death Defiance (2024)

1. Death Defiance - Hades Wiki - Fandom

  • If Last Stand or Deathless Stand boons from Athena are picked up while the Stubborn Defiance charge is depleted, Zagreus will gain an additional Death Defiance ...

  • Death Defiance is an ability that can be unlocked at the Mirror of Night. In gameplay terms, it is basically "extra lives". Upon taking lethal damage, Zagreus instead loses one Death Defiance, briefly becomes invulnerable, and restores 50% . The health restored can be enhanced via boons and is not affected by the pact condition Lasting Consequences. If he receives fatal damage without any charges of Death Defiance left, he will die and return back to the House of Hades.

2. Everything You Need To Know To Beat Hades (For The First Time)

  • Sep 23, 2020 · Yes, Stubborn Defiance only revives you with 30 per cent health, rather than the 50 per cent you'd get from Death Defiance. But you can use it ...

  • If you haven’t cleared a run in Hades, you’re not alone. Supergiant’s Greek-themed roguelike is many things, but “easy” sure isn’t one of them. Beating the game the first time will happen eventually, but the following advice should help you speed up the process. Spoilers for Hades — nothing major, just some mentions of characters […]

3. Dark Reflections achievement in Hades - TrueAchievements

  • There is no scenario that stubborn defiance is better than death defiance. Even the health recovery is better on death defiance, the only benefit is that you ...

  • How to unlock the Dark Reflections achievement in Hades: Fulfill the 'Dark Reflections' Prophecy. This achievement is worth 10 Gamerscore.

4. Hades - Forums - New strat idea (Skull Earring + Stubborn)

5. How To Get And Replenish Death Defiance In Hades - Game Rant

  • Dec 2, 2021 · Make sure that "Death Defiance" is toggled on at the Mirror of Night rather than "Stubborn Defiance," as Zagreus will not begin his journey ...

  • In Hades, the Death Defiance ability can really come in handy. Here's everything you need to know about obtaining and replenishing Death Defiance.

6. Health - Hades Wiki - Fandom

  • Demeter and Athena's Duo boon Stubborn Roots will regenerate Health slowly while you have no Death/Stubborn Defiance. Using Companion Shady will drop a few ...

  • Health is Zagreus's Life Total. By default, he has 50 . If it reaches 0, he will die and revive in the House of Hades. You start each run with full health, and it is reduced by being hit by enemy attacks or traps, triggering relevant Chaos curses, entering a Chaos Gate without the Cosmic Egg equipped, running out of time with the Tight Deadline Pact of Punishment modifier on, or inflicting self-damage with the Adamant Rail's Hazard Bomb upgrade.

7. Hades 2: Every way to get Death Defiance and how to regain it

8. Dark Reflections Achievement in Hades |

  • Aug 13, 2021 · Really, the only light side talent that is likely to make it more difficult for most people is losing out on Death Defiance for Stubborn ...

  • Dark Reflections is an achievement in Hades. It is worth 10 points and can be received for: Fulfill the 'Dark Reflections' Prophecy

9. Hades: Tips For 32-Heat Run - Game Rant

  • May 24, 2024 · ... and should be the focus of any serious player. Death Defiance/Stubborn Defiance: Death Defiance is a better upgrade overall since it gives ...

  • Having trouble completing a max heat run in Hades? Here's how you can make those 32 points feel like nothing.

10. I Beat “Hades” on 32 Heat with all weapon aspects - Lee Reamsnyder

  • Apr 27, 2021 · One example: one run with the Nemesis blade I was using Death Defiance and ... Max Lasting Consequences (4 heat) and use Stubborn Defiance; Max ...

  • Who’s your daddy now?

11. Hades Death Defiance Vs Stubborn Defiance - Foam2Home

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12. The problem with war declarations.. and a crazy idea!

  • Jan 8, 2023 · Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor; Europa Universalis 4: Emperor ... or a stubborn defiance preparing the army. At this time I will find ...

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13. A Small, Stubborn Town: Life, Death and Defiance in Ukraine

  • Andrew Harding is a British journalist and author of two internationally acclaimed non-fiction books, The Mayor of Mogadishu, and These Are Not Gentle ...

  • The Russians are invading. But the locals have a plan.

Stubborn Defiance Vs Death Defiance (2024)


Should I use stubborn defiance or death defiance? ›

Death Defiance (maxed out, which you have) is better for regular or low heat runs. As you get better at the game and progress you'll find it becomes difficult to actually lose a DD. You will probably be able to consistently get to the final boss with all three DDs intact. Stubborn Defiance is better for high heat runs.

What does death defiance do in Hades? ›

The Hades 2 Death Defiance mechanic allows Melinoe to continue fighting. If ever her health is depleted, a Death Defiance token is consumed instead, restoring some of her HP. Here's a quick summary: With all functions unlocked and upgraded, you can have +5 Death Defiance at the start of your run.

Does Deathless Stand work with stubborn defiance? ›

If Last Stand or Deathless Stand boons from Athena are picked up while the Stubborn Defiance charge is depleted, Zagreus will gain an additional Death Defiance in addition to the Stubborn Defiance which will be gone after it is used.

Is Lucky Tooth used before death Defiance? ›

There's icons above your health meter that show how many Death Defiances you have, after they get used they will appear empty. And if you have the Lucky Tooth, it'll show up as its own icon which will fade out too if it gets used. Lucky tooth will always be used last.

What does Kiss of Styx Premium do? ›

Kiss of Styx Premium

Replenish all uses of Death Defiance.

Which god to pick Hades? ›

Athena: There are a lot of gods within Hades who can assist Zagreus with doing lots of damage to the game's bountiful enemies, but Athena is the main one to seek out for defense.

What is the best boon of Artemis? ›

Support Fire is the best Boon Artemis has to offer. Every time you hit an enemy with your Special or Attack, Artemis fires out an arrow that hits them as well. This essentially gives you an entire extra shot to pelt your enemies with.

What is the rarity in Hades? ›

Boons have a rarity (Common, Rare, Epic, Heroic). Higher rarity boon is stronger than the boon at a lower rarity. Heroic rarity is available through exchanging an Epic-rarity boon, choosing Ambrosia Delight from Eurydice, or from cultivating boons with Rare Crop from Demeter.

How does last stand deathless work? ›

The 'Deathless' component reserves all but 1 hp, and the 'Last Stand' component gives you 5s of temporary invulnerability when hp drops below 50% with a 40s cooldown.

Which boons of Zeus? ›

High VoltageYour lightning bolt effects deal damage in a larger area.
Double StrikeYour lightning bolt effects have a chance to strike twice.
Static DischargeYour lightning effects also make foes Jolted.
Clouded JudgmentYour God Gauge charges faster when you deal or take damage.
18 more rows
May 31, 2024

What is a boon in Hades? ›

Boons are upgrades given by the gods to help Zagreus in his attempts to escape the underworld. They can be obtained as rewards for clearing a room marked with the respective god's symbol or purchased for 150. from Charon's shop.


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