Broad Advising (2024)

1. Advising - Eli Broad College of Business - Michigan State University

  • Academic Support Services · Major Changes · Business-Focused Majors at...

  • Academic advising supplies critical information about academic programs, degrees, education abroad, career options, and campus resources.

2. Broad tips on course selection in the third year | NYU School of Law

  • Take advanced courses in the areas in which you want to specialize. Take a clinic or a simulation or problem-oriented course. Think about your mentoring ...

  • The third year should be the best year of law school, yet students often do not take proper advantage of it. Instead they take things they think are "required" for the bar, or are distracted by jobs, journals or other matters. This is a mistake, the third year is your chance to make the most of learning, round yourself out, have some great experiences.Here are some tips for the third year:

3. About us - UW Undergraduate Advising - University of Washington

  • UAA Advising catalyzes the broad learning of UW Undergraduates. As educators, we guide and support students in exploring, questioning, and navigating the ...

  • Our general advisers help students plan and shape their undergraduate experience at the UW. In addition to assistance with tasks such as choosing a major and planning course schedules, advisers engage in a broader dialogue with individual students to better clarify their academic and personal goals.

4. Senior Advisem*nt - College of the Arts - Georgia State University

  • Virtual, in-person, and phone advising appointments are available for students who have 90+ credit hours. ... Visit 35 Broad Street, Suite 400 during Drop-In ...

  • The Office of Academic Assistance is currently operating remotely. Academic Advisem*nt appointments and drop-in sessions are offered through phone or virtually via WebEx. For assistance, please call 404-413-5855.

5. Homepage | Advising

  • Our Location · Prehealth Advising · Prebusiness Advising · How Advising Works

  • Academic Advising Center

6. Advising - Enrollment Services - Gadsden State Community College

7. Drop-In Services – Career Services Network I Michigan State University

  • Drop-in Career Advising. Available to current, degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates (up to two years post-graduation).

  • Drop-in Career Advising. Available to current, degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates (up to two years post-graduation). No appointment needed. Vis…

8. Broad Institute - Center for Pre-Health Advising

  • Jada Kline doing research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard ... Center for Pre-Health Advising. Pre-Professional Advising for Students and Alumni ...

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9. Micro-advising / mentoring: Small interactions can have broad career

  • Abstract. Advising has traditionally focused on academic elements related to learner progression through a prescriptive degree sequence.

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10. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard – Featured Jobs

  • Career Advising & Professional Development · For Employers · Handshake · Schedule ... About Broad Institute:The Broad Institute is pioneering a new model of ...

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11. NACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies Model

  • The purpose of the model is to identify the broad range of understanding, knowledge, and skills that support academic advising, to guide professional ...

  • NACADA promotes and supports quality academic advising in institutions of higher education to enhance the educational development of students. NACADA provides a forum for discussion, debate, and the exchange of ideas pertaining to academic advising through numerous activities and publications. NACADA also serves as an advocate for effective academic advising by providing a Consulting and Speaker Service and funding for Research related to academic advising.

12. Academic Advising Enrichment

  • Academic Advising Enrichment, a unit within Undergraduate Education, brings together academic advisors to promote a collegial community and broad professional ...

  • Academic Advising Enrichment, a unit within Undergraduate Education, brings together academic advisors to promote a collegial community and broad professional network.  We provide continuous learning opportunities for academic advisors to gain knowledge and skills over time. We also facilitate advising connections throughout campus. Academic advisors are encouraged to get involved and get engaged via our workshops, programs, committees, events, and more. 

13. Northwest Indiana Advising Council

  • The IU Northwest Academic Advisors' Council (NAAC) mission is to discuss a broad range of issues affecting academic advising, and to exchange information, share ...

  • Northwest Indiana Advising Council

14. General education - UW Undergraduate Advising

  • The general education portion of your degree will be structured to a significant extent by the Areas of Inquiry, which consist of three broad areas of ...

  • The general education portion of your degree will be structured to a significant extent by the Areas of Inquiry, which consist of three broad areas of study: Arts and Humanities (A&H), Social Sciences (SSc), and Natural Sciences (NSc).

15. Career Counseling | Shepard Broad College of Law

  • Career Counseling. Laura Varela. Laura J. Varela. Assistant Dean of Career and Professional Development. Advising 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, students. (954) 262-6227.

  • Career Counseling

16. Welcome to University Advising Services!

  • In support of this mission, the UAS office offers students a broad ... The academic advising program is based on the Appreciative Advising model. It is the ...

  • Our primary focus is on first- and second-year students. UAS provides a safety net for any student not sure where to go for help.

17. “12. ACADEMIC ADVISING” in “Bridges” - Temple University Press

  • Primarily, an advisor is expected to assist students by clarifying major/minor requirements and relevant school policies. This information is already available ...

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18. Virtual Roundtable: Broad Consent Provisions for Data Sharing and Use

  • Virtual Roundtable: Broad Consent Provisions for Data Sharing and Use: Advising Researchers on Uses and Best Practices. Researchers often rely on broad ...

  • Researchers often rely on broad consent provisions to inform research participants that their data may be used in future studies,...

19. A Broad-persistent Advising Approach for Deep Interactive Reinforcement ...

  • Oct 15, 2021 · Title:A Broad-persistent Advising Approach for Deep Interactive Reinforcement Learning in Robotic Environments ... Abstract:Deep Reinforcement ...

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning (DeepRL) methods have been widely used in robotics to learn about the environment and acquire behaviors autonomously. Deep Interactive Reinforcement Learning (DeepIRL) includes interactive feedback from an external trainer or expert giving advice to help learners choosing actions to speed up the learning process. However, current research has been limited to interactions that offer actionable advice to only the current state of the agent. Additionally, the information is discarded by the agent after a single use that causes a duplicate process at the same state for a revisit. In this paper, we present Broad-persistent Advising (BPA), a broad-persistent advising approach that retains and reuses the processed information. It not only helps trainers to give more general advice relevant to similar states instead of only the current state but also allows the agent to speed up the learning process. We test the proposed approach in two continuous robotic scenarios, namely, a cart pole balancing task and a simulated robot navigation task. The obtained results show that the performance of the agent using BPA improves while keeping the number of interactions required for the trainer in comparison to the DeepIRL approach.

20. Undergraduate Majors and Advising - Academic Affairs

  • Interdisciplinary Social Sciences – Academic Program Guide | PDF flyer; International Affairs The degree in International Affairs offers a broad-curriculum ...

  • Academic Advising Details about drop/add week advising can be found on the separate drop/add advising information page. All undergraduate academic advising in the College of Social Sciences & Public Policy is provided through the Office of Academic Affairs. Access academic advising services through Campus Connect. For assistance, review our detailed instructions for scheduling an appointment […]

Broad Advising (2024)


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